BEST VERSION 1 VINYL FOUND IN Y EARS! Vee Jay Records VJLP 1062! If you're looking for AUTHENTIC RARE Vee Jay "BEATLES" Vinyl, you've come. This is the ABSOLUTE Cleanest VERSION 1 Vinyl you. We haven't seen one like this in decades!

We defy anyone to find a better "VERSION 1" VINYL! Vee Jay Records (Version 1 MONO) VJ 1062. VERSION 1 Vinyls with the OVAL Vee Jay Label are rapidly becoming harder to locate. And even harder to find in MINT condition. Most found in today's collector's market are.

Quite hammered by the fans of "BEATLEMANIA" in early 1964. Finding one of these in. Magnificent condition like this one, is extremely rare. Grab them while you still can! The absolute CLEANEST VINYL SURFACE for a VERSION.

1 that we've seen in years with GORGEOUS. Any VERSION 1 is RARE in any condition but f inding one like this is very RARE. And in fact, next to impossible. I t's been our experience that most are normally found. "Hammered" by teens of the era in 1964.

This label is the VERY FIRST variation. With song titles CENTER JUSTIFIED.

COVER / OUTER JACKET has the typical wear. Spine is in tact and readable.

Importantly, it p asses the all important "HONEY". Test, referring to s ong title on back.

"A T ASTE OF HONEY". Have no ink missing in top. Left corner of each letter. ALL FAKES HAVE INK MISSING T HERE.

Are unaware, NO FAKE HAS EVER PASSED THIS TEST. Was JANUARY 10, 1964 , NEVER in 1963 as many have incorrectly stated. LABELS are clean, crisp & colorful; the cleanest we've seen in years. NOTE: You'll have a hard time finding a better VERSION 1 VINYL - EVER! You won't get many more opportunities to find one in this condition!

Q uite collectible & valuable to any. This is the most bootlegged LP of all time. F eature songs "LOVE ME DO & "P. It has the Vee Jay. Label with RAINBOW color ring.

Actually it was mainly the VERSION 1 marked "STEREOPHONIC" in Gray on White background across the top. Of the jacket that was the primary target of bootleggers although some "MONO" LPs also were victims as well. So if you're looking for an AUTHENTIC version of. This LP, or a source for any BEATLES Vinyl Records or CDs, shop with us at THE ELECTRIC STORE USA. It's hard to believe how many FAKES of this LP still appear on e b a y! Incredibly frustrating trying to sell to buyers searching for authentic variations of this. S ellers who sell only REAL items are very frustrated and annoyed that. We are continually forced to compete in this market. This problem is finally being. Addressed by e b a y! Certain that you understand all of the differences between FAKES and REAL ones. Average buyers are often easily. If you ever have any question about how to identify a FAKE , please contact. We're your source for AUTHENTIC "BEAT LES" Collectible Vinyl Records especially any on Vee Jay.

All BEATLE prices are reflective of the latest BEATLES PRICE GUIDES published by notable experts, but. Keep in mind that many are now 7 to 10 years old and may not reflect accurate or current market values despite.

Who the author is or what their so-called "expertise" might be. Pricing in every case is based upon condition. Please feel free to ask any questions or request additional photos before purchasing!

SOME INTERESTING & IMPORTANT FACTS about.. THE BEATLES (compiled by our expert staff). What is a FAKE & what is a REAL copy? First & foremost, real copies of any version of this.

SPINDLE HOLE on the record label. Xceptions have been found rarely, however if you see one, you need to look at other characteristics.

Of the color "GREEN" in the circle of colors around the black "RAINBOW" label. This is only 1 example of which of.

The many other characters that identify an AUTHENTIC version of this record. Keep in mind; there were. Issues made by Vee Jay. Therefore wherever you see "RE-ISSUE" , you can. Be certain that it is a. Includes: "AD BACKS" , "BLANK BACKS" & "COLUMN BACKS / TITLES ON BACK" versions.

All confirmed "AD BACK" covers. "PRINTED IN USA" on the front cover printed. In the lower left hand.

If this is missing, the "AD BACK " slick was no doubt removed from another Vee Jay LP , and pasted on to the. This process often leaves tell- tale wrinkles on the border of the slick. Contrary to popular belief, and although songs present were originally. NO COPY OF THIS LP WAS RELEASED IN 1 963, it's a known.

Fact that the 1st copies of "INTRODUCING THE BEATLES" were officially released by Vee Jay Records, but not. Jacket is really what makes. For this LP was known as. Outer jacket with a semi-gloss all white paper slick pasted there.

Some covers (MC2A) do have "PRINTED IN USA" on the. Front like the "AD BACK" while others (MC2B) do not. On the back in (2) columns.

Came with either the "Oval" logo label or. There have been millions of. Are clearly counterfeit , but on. LABELS The 1ST label for VERSION 1. Black Rainbow label with the "Oval" logo. I LOVE YOU" & "LOVE ME DO" replaced later on VERSION 2 pressings with "PLEASE, PLEASE ME. The VERSION 2 was not released until early February 1964. There are (3) font variations with. "Oval" labels for this version. The MR1A states words "LONG PLAYING" and "MICROGROOVE" in upper & lower case.

MR1B doesn't mention words "LONG PLAYING" or "MICROGROOVE" , and the MR1C has these words but only in. (A few of VERSION 1s have been found with the "BRACKETS" [VJ] logo on the label).

O fficial versions must have all words "INTRODUCING THE BEATLES" and THE. It is always be a FAKE. Featured song titles "PLEASE, PLEASE ME". And "ASK ME WHY" replacing P.

I LOVE YOU" and "LOVE ME DO found only on VERSION 1 copies. Was issued in early FEBRUARY 1964. L abels varied with either Black.

SILVER "VJ" logo, or a Black Background with SILVER "Oval" logo, or. Or SILVER "VJ" in Block Style print, or Black. With SILVER "BRACKETS" logo [VJ] (very rare). VERSION 2 records can also be found with a 45 rpm label on them as well. FAKES that feature Medium Sized.

SILVER BRACKETS [VJ] LOGO printed on an all Black label Real ones have the. All VERSION 2 covers are "Column Back / Titles on Back". N o copies of any STEREO VERSION. 2 disc with a regular sized Rainbow label and the "Oval" logo are known to exist.

Although back in 1964 at Vee Jay , anything. SOME IMPORTANT TESTS FOR AUTHENTICITY. TEST #1 The most obvious visual authenticity test is the "Shadow" test.

It had been thought originally that if George' s. "Shadow" appeared on the right side of the front of the LP cover, this was a definitive sign of authenticity. Discovered that some elaborate FAKES also had this feature, so although the shadow must be there, its appearance alone. Does not define the cover as being authentic.

TEST #2 The most conclusive COVER test is the "HONEY" test. Of the outer jacket and the. Song title "A TASTE OF HONEY". On ALL FAKES , in the letters "H" and "E" , the top left corners of these letters are not. Solidly printed with ink missing there.

This is THE most d efinitive test recognizing authenticity. The back panel were poor photo copies of original VERSION 1 COLUMN BACKS , but because of their poor quality, they. Were subject to several subtle inconsistencies which can be spotted by the trained eye, and of course the "HONEY" test. Illustrates one of these errors.

Also, with reference to the back of the outer jacket, there are other "ink" tests however most. Have never been confirmed to be 100% CONCLUSIVE and NO FAKE HAS EVER PASSED THIS TEST. TEST #3 A "FLAP TEST " requires an inspection of the inside of a jacket's opening.

In publications dedicated to pointing. Out differences between authentic & fake records and covers, for years have always assumed that any cover found with NO. FLAPS had to be FAKE.

But in the 1990s some legit covers on WEST COAST releases were found to have NO FLAPS at. Collectors had always assumed that all legit covers must have 1/4 flaps at the inner top & bottom. Has obviously now gone out the window. This changes conventional thinking specifically on any VERSION 1 cover.

Important to point out that if and when a cover is found with NO FLAPS , it must still pass all other tests, and most notably. The 100% CONCLUSIVE "HONEY" TEST. Why did these FLAP discrepancies exist? R emember that Vee Jay had hired.

More than one firm to make-up and print these jackets i. So naturally t here would have to have been. Subtle differences in how both of these vendors independently produced a finished product. What we have stated here was. Always suspected with r ealists admitting that there could never have been only one or two legitimate covers produced as a.

Sample of any production run with NO FLAPS. But without supporting documentation from Vee Jay , no one really has any.

Idea how many of either were actually manufactured. What we do know is that around 79,000 MONOS and ONLY 2,202.

STEREO VERSION 1s were ever produced, which included all of the AD BACKS , BLANK BACKS & COLUMN BACKS. When you consider how Vee Jay was being run in 1964 nothing would be surprising.

Issues hanging over their heads in 1964 as confirmed by eye witnesses who worked at Vee Jay , there was always a sense. Of urgency to move any and all products out the door as quickly as possible regardless of appearances and characteristics.

VERSION 1 covers were assembled some time in late December 1963 and also early January 1964. Else that went on, just imagine what the quality control must have been like in those chaotic days. When people wondered if any authentic COLUMN BACK jackets actually existed at all, but obviously they do. The "HONEY" test tells all and NO FAKE has ever passed this test. In 1964 there were no rules at all at Vee Jay.

TEST #4 Read the "Trail Off Area". This area of the disc on most if not all FAKES is always wider than legitimate copies. On all GENUINE copies, this area varies between 3/4 & 7/8 but on FAKES it is often anywhere from 1 to 1 1/4.

Not all legitimate albums normally had raised relief machine stamped logos in the "Trail Off" areas. Are very hard to copy or duplicate , FAKES often have no markings or only hand scratched ones. Stamps are from AUDIO MATRIX (AR) or the ARP logo. Another trait of all FAKES is that they're pressed on much thinner vinyl. Always c heck for thickness comparing. An LP that in doubt to a known legitimate copy and you'll see the difference.

On the back of the jacket the "B" in "BEATLES" at the top right in FAKES has a noticeable ink irregularity in the. Lower left inner section of the letter.

In the REAL covers, the "B" is printed clearly with no flaws. TEST #7 - On the back of the jacket, to the left of "MISERY" , all the FAKES have a very noticeable ink irregularity in the. Some refer to this as an INK BUMP. It is very easily spotted. TEST #8 - If the label's color band has NO color GREEN in its lower to middle left side, record is FAKE.

TEST #9 - Matrix Numbers are 63-3402 & 63-3403 and job numbers are 5702 and 5689 preceded by a small triangle. Pressing IDs / Stampings are either AUDIO MATRIX, ARP, MR.

Hand etchings are 6-29-63 , RA or A. All others or lack there.

Of a gloss to the paper stock used. Appears to be a FLAT WHITE STOCK. (SEE SECTION 14 BELOW FOR FURTHER DESCRIPTION OF "FLAP" TEST EXCEPTIONS). It is important to note THE.

Most "FAKED" LP was the STEREO. VERSION 1 "Column Back" album. Song titles on the outer jacket and record label: P.

I LOVE YOU" and "LOVE ME DO. However when you play a FAKE. These songs are normally NOT on the disc. Instead you will probably hear.

" PLEASE, PLEASE ME" and "ASK ME WHY". There are some exceptions that turned up playing P. I LOVE YOU" & "LOVE ME DO , but in most cases, these usually. Turn out to be FAKES.

Also note that although outer jacket illustrates "STEREOPHONIC" at the top of the Front cover in. GRAY on a WHITE background, you w on't EVER find the word "STEREO" anywhere on the record label and the recording.

Is in MONO as well. Contrary to popular belief there were NEVER any "REISSUES" of VERSION 1 or VERSION 2 LPs. And if you've seen. Any version of this LP with a stock photo on the front with DARK BROWN border, or the cover has a YELLOW haze to it, it is.

K eep in mind that Vee Jay NEVER sealed these albums so if you have one that is sealed, there is good chance that. Recently it has come to our attention that some sellers feel they know all there is to know about this LP by posting bogus.

For example, some state that unless the word "MICROGROOVE" appears on the label, the disc is a FAKE. There are certain variations that do NOT have either words "LONG PLAYING" or "MICROGROOVE" on the label, yet they're. Also some have stated that if you see the word "STEREO" , it's not a legit pressing.

NEVER seen the word "STEREO" on any fake label - ever; but if it DOES appear on the label, it's to be considered a uthentic. A lso there are some who have actually stated that any STEREO OUTER JACKET that offers the song titles "LOVE ME DO". LOVE YOU is a FAKE!

Where are these people getting this BOGUS information? VERSION 1 STEREO COLUMN BACKS feature the songs "LOVE ME DO" and P. I LOVE YOU and since there were.

ONLY 2,202 COPIES EVER PRESSED , when found it would be worth a small fortune in any condition. Jackets with RED , WHITE & BLUE DOTS located under the top back paper overlap are usually FAKES. Printing process and they're.

VISIBLE WITHOUT THE NEED TO SEPARATE THE. The paper is NEVER recommended, since.

It does seriously devalue the jacket once. Then the COVER is AUTHENTIC , AS LONG AS ALL. A FAKE cover will usually be accompanied by a FAKE disc. If the record has a label with a R A I N B O W color band without high resolution or gradual color change, it's FAKE.

Labels are plain BLACK with SILVER lettering with either a small. Brackets label or SILVER OVAL label. Color Band and are the exceptions.

Color Bands MUST INCLUDE the color "GREEN" or the record is a FAKE. Been disclosed by even the most knowledgeable experts that some WEST COAST. COVERS have been found to have NO FLAPS , yet they pass.

ALL THE OTHER LEGITIMACY TESTS which. Therefore where there are NO FLAPS present at all, the. MUST STILL PASS ALL OTHER TESTS f or legitimacy in order to be.

Disc inside, which is yet another way to assist in determining. Vee Jay threw caution to the wind when. It came to any resemblance of quality control in 1964. One reason was the fact that they had many legal battles to overcome. B ased upon that fact alone, the company decided to rush the construction of all jackets using any available materials in order.

In doing so, any STEREO disc might have been paired with any VERSION 1. Knowing how Vee Jay the company operated, anything would have been possible in 1964.

"HONEY" test is still THE MOST IMPORTANT validation test since NO FAKE HAS PASSED THIS TEST - EVER! Must keep that in mind that when examining the results of any other tests, n othing else matters. O ne final word about inner. It is a known fact that covers with "NO FLAPS" were discovered as originating on the WEST COAST. Well know collector, presently has in his possession at least "1 MONO" and "2 STEREO COVERS".

Small numbers, but experts have pointed out that where "ONE" or "TWO" exist, logically there had to have been others. Makes perfect sense that since these pass all the known authenticity tests including the 100% CONCLUSIVE "HONEY". TEST these are not to be considered as exceptions.

As screwed up as Vee Jay was at that time they would never have had. Any kind of production runs in single digit numbers. Even for them it wouldn't have made sense. We've had people write in asking WHY DO PAUL'S HANDS NOT APPEAR ON THE FRONT COVER?

This comment mainly applies to the STEREO covers where his hands don't. EVER appear on any version of this LP. They only appear on MONOS and STEREOS that DON'T have "STEREOPHONIC". Across the top of the front cover in. Covers with applied "STEREO" or "STEREOPHONIC" stickers.

Only in these cases would you ever see "PAUL'S HANDS". These stickers were WHITE with BLACK ink. We only hope that this sets the record straight on these very important but often misunderstood points.

Comments or feels that our information is lacking in any way, please come forward. Please take a moment and look over all of our listings.

If you're interested in any VINYL, CD, CASSETTE, VHS TAPE, DVD, POSTER. Or any other item that you don't see listed, it doesn't mean that we don't have. It or can't obtain it for you. So please let us know. Items too numerous to list, therefore..

It's important to point out, when sellers on e b a y set a price for an item, many factors are in play. One of which is the. Can be up to 10% of the Sell Price. So when you think that the price listed might be higher.

Than you think it should be, please keep all these added costs in mind. Where does our knowledge about "VEE JAY" RECORDS originate? Although there have been several very. And well researched publications about the history of the "BEATLES" , t heir recordings, and the companies who had. Opportunity to have had an. If not all based their research solely upon. Had a relative who was. Their friendship goes back to their days.

Experience at that time in. Knowledge of everything that went on there. Valuable since they originated from his personal experience.

Was personally involved with on a daily basis during the. Knowledge plus his personal possessions and documents retained from his years there, have been and.

Always will remain priceless to us. He had always stated that 1964 was very stressful for everyone there. Remained friends with the Brackens , it was no longer a place he felt he could continue to work.

What we consider to be. Recording company of such historical significance. ALL ITEMS ARE PROFESSIONALLY PACKAGED! With respect to a term like AUTHENTICITY, that can only be determined by viewing detailed photos and posting accurate descriptions along.

Or referring to an accepted industry publication. As for condition of an item, for example in the case of a vinyl record we always do our best to describe it's play. Surface and post detailed photos to the best of our ability as amateur photographers. D escribing the condition of a vinyl record is not an exact science and is. Based on someone's visual examination and opinion of the examiner.

Industry standards are followed by all of our examiners. Labels are best described by. Posting detailed photos that illustrate defects if and where they exist. As for outer jackets or picture sleeves, we'll attempt to inform buyers about any possible.

Bends, folds, seam splits, writing, tears etc. Photos posted are the best descriptive evidence. They don't fall under. Standard return guidelines unless there are damages discovered on arrival.

As stated in some of our previous auctions, we insist that prospective buyers ask. We also want buyers to fully understand precisely what.

In the specific case of Vinyl Records, where we would normally provide a detailed description with pictorial images, examination and. It's been our experience in over 50 years of.

It has become our policy that all items are always "PHOTOGRAPHED & INSPECTED" prior to packaging as a protective measure in an effort to avoid any. This is what we feel is a FAIR POLICY. Or that we are being unfair in some way, please let us know how we can improve. DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOU READ THE FOLLOWING. Thank you for visiting our site.

We want to remind everyone. That if you currently don't happen to see what you're looking for here on our site, it doesn't mean that we.

Don't have it in stock or can't get it for you. We simply cannot list everything that we have all at once. However, our current inventory includes THOUSANDS of VINYL Albums, PROMOS & 45s, CDs, DVDs. EPs, 78s, Cassette Tapes, VHS Movies, Metal Stampers and much more in the category.

That we would call "COLLECTIBLES". Unfortunately, it would have been impossible to list everything, so if you are looking for something in. Particular and don't happen to see it here today, simply send us a written REQUEST. And we will be happy to list it for you.

Thank you for watching and we look forward to hearing from you anytime! Specifically to whom the artist happens to be. Also factored in is the physical and visual examination of play surfaces, labels.

Outer jacket and the inner sleeve (where applicable) and in most cases when there is obvious issues to the naked eye which. This would be a part of the item's description. However unless a record is of extreme rarity.

And does have value regardless of it's condition. Their records even when they did have surface issues, however their value in any condition made these specific items. Test every vinyl since we have tens of thousands of vinyl records in stock, making it impossible to play each. The item "Beatles LP INTRODUCING THE BEATLES Vee Jay Version 1 NM Vinyl WOW" is in sale since Saturday, February 10, 2018.

This item is in the category "Entertainment Memorabilia\Music Memorabilia\Rock & Pop\Artists B\Beatles\Records (Vintage & Awards)". The seller is "vinylstop" and is located in Webster, New York. This item can be shipped to North, South, or Latin America, all countries in Europe, all countries in continental Asia, Australia.

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